Hilarious! "White Savior" Warns Black Couple About MAGA Rally, But Here's The Catch...(See The Video)

By Alan Hume | Saturday, 15 June 2024 09:20 PM
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Image Credit : UnsplasJohn Doe

In a recent event in Detroit, a white woman cautioned a Black couple about the presence of "White MAGA folks" in town, bearing American flags.

The twist in the tale was that the couple was, in fact, headed to the very event she was warning them about. This incident was shared by social media influencer @locdinwithzaza_, as reported by Gateway Pundit.

The influencer, known as locdinwithzaza, narrated her experience while she and her husband were on their way to a BLEXIT event. She said, "We’re walking across the street and this White woman comes up behind us and firstly she asks us, ‘Oh, is it always crowded down here?’ Cause we are in Detroit…never been to Detroit before.” She expressed her surprise at the woman's assumption that they were locals, attributing it to their race.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when the woman warned them about the presence of Trump supporters in the area. “Then, she proceeds to tell us, ‘Oh, you guys know Trump is here, you better watch out. I’ve seen a lot of White MAGAs walking around with the American flag. You know…you guys….be careful guys!'” locdinwithzaza recounted.


Reacting to the woman's warning, locdinwithzaza jokingly referred to it as a "HATE CRIME" and asked her husband about his feelings. He responded humorously, “I’m offended. I feel threatened. I don’t know how I’m gonna go on with my life.” The couple was, in fact, on their way to the BLEXIT event, a detail the woman was unaware of.

This incident underscores the assumptions and stereotypes that can often cloud people's perceptions. It also highlights the importance of understanding and respecting individual political affiliations, regardless of race or ethnicity.