Brave Officer Fatally Shoots Barricaded Suspect While Protecting His K9 Partner From Being Attacked

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 07 February 2023 12:00
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When deputies arrived at a home in South Carolina to serve a warrant, the last thing they expected was for an officer to be stabbed repeatedly.

However, that’s precisely what happened.

Fox News states, “The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a home in Spartanburg on Thursday to serve an arrest warrant. However, the situation quickly escalated, and the suspect, Darius L.J. Holcomb, 39, locked himself in a bedroom and threatened officials with a knife, according to Spartanburg County Sheriff Cpl. John Burgess.”

The family was taken out of the home for safety reasons. Then, a negotiator went to work trying to talk Holcomb out of the bedroom. When that didn’t work, authorities used tear gas. However, tear gas also didn’t make him leave the bedroom.

Next, they sent in a K9. However, instead of leaving the bedroom, the suspect stabbed the dog repeatedly, leading to one officer shooting the suspect. Holcomb was announced dead at the scene of the incident.


Neighbors were in shock but had faith in their community law enforcement. Fox News says, “‘It was very unexpected that something like this would occur, and there are just so many cops,’ neighbor Julia Feydak told WSPA. ‘It’s quite scary, but you know, whatever happens, the cops know what they’re doing.’” Another thought there was a car accident because so many officers were on the scene.

Thankfully, the K9 is expected to be okay. His name is Astro, and he is wearing a protective vest. His protective gear protected him from getting stab wounds, and the suspect just so happened to stab him where he was wearing protective gear. He did not receive any puncture wounds.

Police did not release information on what the warrant was being served for or whether they were serving Darius Holcomb.