Creepy Love Story: Kentucky Woman LOVESICK For This High Profile Criminal

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 06 February 2023 16:30
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Bryon Kohberger is a well-known name.

However, he’s not a celebrity or the type of person you usually hear about a woman falling in love with. Instead, he’s a murderer. Kohberger was arrested in late December for killing four college students in Moscow, Idaho. While the world was in shock, this single mom was falling in love.

Just five days after his arrest, on January 4, she began publicly posting about her infatuation with him. The 35-year-old mom from Kentucky has a son and has never met Kohberger. However, Britney Hislope is convinced that he’s the perfect man for her. One social media post says she wants to connect with him more than anyone else.

According to The NY Post, “Hislope, who repeatedly points to her and Kohberger’s astrological signs — they are both Scorpios — and birth charts as explaining why he could be her “divine masculine counterpart,” isn’t just drawn to the former criminology Ph.D. student for his smarts and quiet courtroom demeanor.”


She points out that she wants to be romantic with Kohberger. Weirdly, this isn’t the first murderer she’s become fascinated with. Another killer behind bars wound up blocking her from coming to see him.

Her previous love interest was Cody Hall, who is 33. The killer first shot a 50-year-old man in Pulaski, KY. Then, he went after the daughter and mother with a machete.


NY Post says, “’ I visited him, put money in his [commissary] account, wrote him letters, and I wanted to be in a loyal, committed [sic] relationship with him,’ she reminisced in 2018 about Hall, who wound up blocking her from visiting him in jail. ‘When I say I was in love with him, I mean I was completely and truly in love with him.’”

Although she doesn’t mention visiting Kohberger, she does state she’s sent him multiple letters. Officers could not confirm whether Kohberger had received the supposed love letters. Hislope has not responded to any news outlets for comment.