On The Irony: This Catholic School Just HONORED A Pro-Abortion Journalist

By Ryan Canady | Friday, 23 December 2022 04:30 PM
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NBC News Washington correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was honored by a Catholic university on the first of this month with its version of an ethics award, according to reporting by the Federalist.

Many are pointing to the irony of Alcindor receiving this award given her stance on abortion and how that stance is radically different from what the Church stands by.

Duquesne President Ken Gormley presented Alcindor with the award and even gave an interview about it to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before the event. In that interview, Gormley stated that Alcindor was selected because her journalistic approach aligned with the Congregation of the Holy Spirit’s mission. He said that the mission is that all voices be heard. He did not mention that Alcindor has repeatedly ignored the voices of those speaking up for the unborn.

Alcindor said that “every” woman she spoke with in 10 to 15 battleground states leading up to the 2022 midterm elections was uncomfortable with the Dobbs decision handed down by the Supreme Court. This decision put the issue of abortion access back in the hands of the individual states.


However, the Federalist points out that NBC’s polling showed that 87% of Republicans were enthusiastic about the Supreme Court’s decision. Therefore, it is doubtful that every woman Alcindor spoke with was genuinely uncomfortable with the decision. Either that or Alcindor didn’t take enough time to speak to conservative women about the issue.


Alcindor has been known to fearmonger on the issue of abortion leading up to the famous decision by the Supreme Court. Thus, it seems that she might be the wrong type of person for the Catholic Church to go out of its way to honor. The fact that they are doing so leaves many questioning why they would take such an action.