It All Starts With The FAMILY: Father Of Mass Shooter ARRESTED For This...

By Joshua Wasson | Thursday, 22 December 2022 04:30 PM
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The Daily Wire has reported that a man was arrested for reckless conduct and charged with several felony charges for his behavior earlier in the week.

The man in custody is also the father of the person who killed seven people and wounded 48 in a shooting spree in Highland Park, Illinois.

Eric Rinehart is the Lake County State’s Attorney. The Daily Wire quoted him as saying, “Parents and guardians are in the best position to decide whether their teenager should have a weapon. They are the first line of defense. In this case, that system failed when (the suspect’s father) sponsored his son. He knew what he knew, and he signed the form anyway. This was criminally reckless and a contributing cause to the bodily harm suffered by the victims on July 4th.”

The shooter’s father is being charged for his part in the killings because he signed the form that allowed the shooter to possess a firearm. The judge in the case put the man’s bond at $50,000.

The Daily Wire also reported, “The prosecutors argue that the suspected killer’s father helped his son obtain a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Card, which was only possible for a person under 21 years old with a parent’s participation in the application process. The charges claim that the father’s assistance in obtaining the FOID card was a contributing cause to those killed by the shooter during the parade.”


The shooter’s father is facing a Class 4 Felony, which could put him in prison for three years.

The shooter obtained his gun because the father signed his name on the form allowing him to possess the firearm. Without the father’s support, it would have been more challenging for the shooter to obtain the gun he used to kill innocent people.