National Debt Of $31 Trillion Does NOT Deter Congress From New Spending Bill

By Casey Holley | Tuesday, 20 September 2022 05:15
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The best way to address debt is to add more debt. That's the current thinking of the Democratic-led Congress. According to Fox News, the national debt is nearly $31 trillion. Biden doesn't seem to realize that the number is trending upwards. He recently boasted about "dramatic drops in the annual budget deficit."

In 2020, the government spent $3.1 trillion more than its revenue. That was due in part to the impacts of COVID. The situation improved slightly in 2021, with the feds spending around $2.8 trillion more than the revenue.

While the difference is projected to be around $1 trillion for the 2022 fiscal year, which ends September 30, budget experts note that Biden's claim is hollow. The best way to explain it is that Biden is riding on the coattails of a natural winding-down of the massive emergency spending that was brought on when COVID first struck in 2020.

Before the COVID pandemic struck, a $1 trillion annual budget deficit was expected because of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. With those "entitlement" programs in place, Congress must be careful where it spends money. Future generations will suffer if Congress continues to ignore that the United States is quickly heading to financial ruin.


The list of money-spending bills passed by the Biden administration is lengthy. According to Just the News, Biden took office when the national debt was $27.7 trillion. It's rapidly climbing without any end in sight.

The nation's budget needs to be controlled without unnecessary spending. How will it ever be possible to Make America Great Again if Democrats are spending money frivolously and throwing it around to other countries while this country is still suffering? The red wavee is coming and there is nothing the Democrats can do to stop it.