Vivek Ramaswamy, a prospective presidential candidate, has made a big promise to end corruption in America. In a video transcript, Ramaswamy spoke about the government's pressure on private companies to do things through the back door that the government could not do legally. He stated that the federal government has been doing this nonstop for the last half-decade, and in order to fix the problem, the corruption must be exposed first.

Ramaswamy's solution is to issue an executive order in his first month of office, which would require the release of any instances where a government bureaucrat has pressured a private actor to do something that the government could not do legally. He believes that this would bring the corruption to light and allow for transparency, ultimately leading to its end.

Ramaswamy acknowledges that the process will not be easy, but he is determined to fix the problem. He has launched a grassroots movement to end corruption, and anyone can contribute to it by visiting and donating any amount, no matter how small.

Ramaswamy's campaign to end corruption in America aims to tackle the issue from a different perspective. He is not an insider in politics, but an outsider who is ready to expose the system. His promise to bring transparency to the government's actions towards private companies is a step in the right direction towards ending corruption.