Alan Dershowitz, a renowned legal scholar and former Harvard Law professor, has commented on the potential indictment of former President Donald Trump by New York prosecutors. Dershowitz stated that the indictment would be purely political and lacks any basis for prosecution. He highlighted that the attorney general of New York had campaigned on a platform to take down Trump, indicating the politicization of the legal system.

Dershowitz expressed concern that the judiciary in New York could uphold the indictment, citing the pervasive "Get Trump" mentality in every aspect of the legal system. He noted that ordinarily, a person has the assurance that the courts would provide a fair trial, but the current climate offers no such guarantee.

Dershowitz opined that if the case goes to court, it may even have to be taken to the United States Supreme Court. His comments reflect growing concerns about the politicization of the legal system and the potential for politically motivated prosecutions.